Jury begins deliberations in Elexus Groves murder trial

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — More than four years ago, 14-year-old Shaylee Boling and her mother, Shaunna, were on the way to school when they were killed in a car crash.

Elexus Groves was reportedly the driver that hit them. During her trial, a key witness said it was Groves’ first time using meth, and she stole a van and was driving away from police.

Closing arguments were heard Wednesday. Groves’ defense attorney conceded that she is guilty – but not of murder.

"She didn’t intend to cause a crash that day, she didn’t intend to hurt anyone," her attorney said. "When she realized that this crash was possible, she tried to stop it."

A New Mexico Supreme Court ruling – based off this case – opens the door to the possibility of murder charges for someone fleeing police.

"The state’s not arguing that she intended to crash," the prosecution said. "She was trying to get away. That was the motive, she was fleeing from police."

Her defense argues it was an accident, while the prosecution is aiming to prove Groves is a murderer. The other path to a murder conviction is proving that Groves acted with a depraved mind.

"That’s a conscious act to engage in that type of behavior, just to floor it," the prosecution said.

The murder trial remains in the hands of the jury at this time.