KOB 4/Survey USA poll asks New Mexicans about COVID-19 restrictions, vaccines

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- KOB 4 partnered with the non-partisan polling company Survey USA to gauge New Mexican’s opinions on a variety of important issues.

New Mexicans were asked, "Were the COVID-19 restrictions in place in New Mexico during the pandemic too strict? Too lenient? Or just about right?

  • 29% said too strict
  • 16% said too lenient
  • 49% just right.
  • 5% percent weren’t sure

As expected, political ideology played a factor.

  • 48% of people who identify as conservative felt like the restrictions were too strict
  • 8% of people who consider themselves liberal thought the state rules were too strict.

New Mexicans were also asked, "In general, how safe or unsafe do you think the coronavirus vaccines are?"

  • 28% stated very safe.
  • 27% stated mostly safe.
  • 13% stated mostly unsafe
  • 11% said they weren’t sure.

The survey shows 60% of respondents with a high school education felt that the vaccine was some degree of safe.
It also showed 65% of people with some college felt the same way, and 77% of people with a four-year degree felt the vaccines are safe.

That trend line continues with income.

Political science professor Lonna Atkeson said there’s a lot to read into.

"There is a big class difference going on. Obviously that is an information issue, this is a trust issue," she said. " College educated people are more trusting in the system, and they are also more Democratic and live in urban areas in New Mexico."

New Mexicans were also asked if they have been vaccinated.

  • 65% said they were either fully or partially vaccinated.
  • 34% said they were not vaccinated.
  • 2% said they were unsure.

The people who said they were not vaccinated were asked what was causing their hesitancy.

  • 29% are concerned about an alternative agenda
  • 24% are concerned about safety
  • 16% felt COVID isn’t dangerous enough
  • 14% are concerned about vaccine side effects