Lapel video details what led to deadly San Juan County shooting

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SAN JUAN COUNTY, N.M. – The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office released lapel video showing what led up a deadly shooting last month.

The video from Sept. 13 shows a standoff between deputies and Tedman Werito, who was killed by deputies after a two-hour-long exchange.

Farmington police responded to an early morning call about a woman who was beaten with a bat and jumped out of a moving pickup truck. The woman was treated at a hospital for her injuries, including a broken leg. Deputies obtained a warrant for the house where the woman was beaten.

Deputies found Tedman Werito at the house and engaged in an hour-long standoff where Werito continuously entered and exited the house while holding a gun. Werito eventually threw a grenade and the SWAT team responded by throwing two flash bangs and a tear gas canister to get him out of the house. Nearly two hours after the standoff started, Werito exited the house with a gun pointed at deputies; five of whom fired their own guns, killing Werito.

According to deputies, Werito was released from jail in December and had a long criminal history, including an aggravated assault charge while out on pre-trial services and a failure to turn himself in back in March.