Lincoln National Forest fire danger rating elevated to high

ALAMOGORDO N.M — The National Forest Service has raised Lincoln National Forest’s fire danger rating from moderate to high.

The change in fire risk was announced in a press release Tuesday, as high winds, low humidity and several burning fires impact New Mexico.

“When the fire danger is high, fires can start easily and small fuels such as grasses and pine needles will ignite readily,” said Dave Bales, a Lincoln National Forest Fire staff member.

Bales stated that, while new fire restrictions are not currently being put in place, they will likely go into effect as conditions grow hotter.

Visitors are being asked to make sure campfires are out and “cool to the touch” before leaving.

People are also encouraged to be aware of other things that could ignite wildfires, which include:

  • Trailer chains dragging on roads and producing sparks
  • Burning debris
  • Shooting of firearms
  • Driving or parking vehicles on top of grass
  • Using equipment such as chain saws, lawnmowers and welders

People are urged to check the Lincoln National Forest webpage for fire restrictions before visiting.