Local rabbit rescue warns against buying bunnies for Easter

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Every Easter — without fail — a lot of folks hop on the bunny bandwagon. Then, once the holiday is over, they hop off.

"We see a lot of families realize pretty quickly that this was a way bigger commitment than they were expecting," said Kirstin Tyler, the baord president of the New Mexico House Rabbit Society. "And a few months after Easter, we always see a huge surge in stray rabbits."

At this time, 35 rescued rabbits are under the care of the New Mexico House Rabbit Society. Tyler said there are five volunteers fostering rabbits out of their own homes.

"Right now, I’m caring for 12 foster rabbits," Tyler said. "A lot of baby rabbits who were born outside from a stray momma and two medical cases."

Tyler said they care for the sick or injured rabbits that would otherwise be housed at shelters across the state.

To contact the New Mexico House Rabbit Society about becoming a foster parent, click here.