Local roofing expert discusses do’s and don’ts of holiday decorating

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – During this holiday season, you may be decorating the exterior of your home but it is important to keep some safety do’s and don’ts in mind.

First, notice how we hung up these lights during the day? It’s a safety-first approach!

After getting wet weather, such as snow, rain or ice, you will want to avoid hanging up lights until the weather has passed. According to local roofing expert Mark Rawson, daylight also makes a difference.

"Some people actually like to do it at night so they can see how the lights look," Rawson said. "I recommend the daytime, then just come out and check at night."

Next, make sure your ladder is in good condition. Then, look down and check the ground to make sure your ladder is stable, especially if you are working on an uneven surface. Rawson prefers frame ladders when working.

"I like these ladders because they have locking components," Rawson said. "When you open and close it, those lock and the ladder stays in place so that you shouldn’t have any issue collapsing it."

What’s really cool, is you can also transform frame ladders to be longer.

"Unlock these components here that are locked for safety. Press, pop them in and unlock them, then you can spread your ladder out. These will lock them again and now you’ve got a stable support here. This is actually not gonna go anywhere, you’re not moving and you can actually climb up and it’s relatively safe."

If you prefer to lean the ladder against your roof, Rawson has tips for that.

(View the video to see a full, visual demonstration of how to do this and follow other safety tips mentioned in this article.)

"Your feet are going to be at the base of your ladder and your arm should be a 90-degree angle and that should be the correct distance from you," Rawson said. "When I go over here, put it up on the facia board, check my feet, make sure my arms are straight and there we go – now we can climb."

It is important to make sure the lights you’re hanging up aren’t the ones you just grabbed from the tree.

"You want to make sure that your extension cords are for outside and that they’re not inside extension cords so that they can withstand the elements."

One final piece of advice: Put two together.

"I’m going to add these two together and then we’re gonna come back and put a piece of electrical tape around here to make sure it’s sealed and the elements can’t get to it."

If you have a buddy around, it is also good to have them around to spot you when you are on the ladder.