‘Major’ action movie to film in Las Cruces this week

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – A major motion picture action movie will be filming Oct. 24 through Oct. 30 in Las Cruces.

Filming will take place mostly in downtown Las Cruces. Las Cruces Avenue and Organ Avenue will be shut down Oct. 26 and 27, from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. During that time, crews will be filming a staged bank robbery, gunfight and a small car blast at the Bank of the West.

Officials said the blast will be a small controlled propane explosion with a fire truck will be on stand-by. No blanks or live bullets will be used while filming.

Traffic will also be sporadically closed on North Church Street during filming.

The film will be casting up to 300 local residents for paid extra roles. Eligible actors include anyone 18-to-65 years old with a fit-to-average build. All actors must also take a COVID-19 test with the production prior to working on-set.

The role will pay $100 for an eight-hour shift and $30 for taking the COVID-19 test.

Anyone interested should email a selfie and a full-body picture without filters, hats or sunglasses to lascrucesfilmcasting@gmail.com with the subject, "General", and information about their name, phone number, age, weight/height/shoe size/waste size and availability in the email.