Man found dead in canal; had been detained by Navajo police

SHIPROCK, N.M. (AP) — A body found Friday in a Shiprock canal is that of a man who disappeared after being detained by police while highly intoxicated over two weeks earlier, the Navajo Nation Police Department said.

Jevon Descheenie, 21, disappeared Oct. 25 after being seated on the rear step of a transport van outside the police station in Shiprock while the officer who had detained Descheenie went to a nearby police vehicle to get gloves to clean up that vehicle’s passenger compartment where Descheenie had vomited, a police statement said.

“When the officer returned to the rear of the transport van, Descheenie was gone,” the statement said.

Police notified Descheenie’s relatives and searched the area but could not find him, the statement said.

It said Descheenie was handcuffed behind his back when he disappeared but didn’t say whether he was still wearing them when found. It also wasn’t clear whether there was any indication how Descheenie died or how long his body was in the canal.

Tribal police spokeswoman Christina Tsosie said Saturday the incident was under investigation by the FBI so she could provide additional information.

FBI spokespeople did not immediate request to an emailed request for additional information.