Message from the general manager of KOB TV

In recent days, concerned citizens have reached out to KOB TV about a political advertisement that uses content from KOB TV news reports.  Many people have interpreted this particular advertisement as an endorsement by KOB TV of a particular candidate.

This is not the case.

KOB TV does not take sides in political elections.  Like all broadcasters, we are bound by election laws that ensure access to the airwaves for political messages.  Broadcasters are guided to give wide latitude to a multitude of political opinions.  When the ad is from a specific candidate for office, broadcasters are prohibited by law from censoring, editing or altering the message in any way.  Additionally, the US Supreme Court has determined that independent spending groups have a constitutionally protected right to participate in the political process and speak out on issues and candidates.

It is not unusual for candidates or political groups to use excerpts of news reports in their ads.  The editing of these ads may create confusion about their origin. 

To be clear, KOB TV does not endorse or support any particular candidate. 

Michelle Donaldson

Vice President & General Manager, KOB TV

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