Momma D’s 50-state journey of empowerment comes home to NM

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – DJ Jones, better known as Momma D, is based in New Mexico but spends a lot of her time outside of the state.

"My motto is, ‘Keep shining baby’," Momma D said.

She shines brightest on the road when riding her motorcycle from point A to point B.

"I’m really focusing on empowering women."

She does just that by traveling around the country and the world, hosting workshops about safety and survival not just on the motorcycle but out of the saddle too.

"There’s nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it," Momma D said. "You set your mind to it. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t because it’s up to you to make that decision to do it or not."

However, even Momma D will tell you, she wasn’t always this confident.

"I went through a lot of verbal abuse behind closed doors so the scars didn’t show on the outside," Momma D remembered. "Everybody’s looking at me thinking, ‘Well, how bad could it be?’, and the thing is they don’t know how close I was to suicide more than once because of that because no one will listen to me."

On the bike, her problems melt away and that "indescribable" feeling is why she continues to get back on.

"I had a couple of really bad motorcycle accidents and I realized that I am still here to make a difference," Momma D said. "I survived some major things on two wheels and I’m still here to inspire and ignite women."

A map on her bike marks every state she’s traveled to since her last bad accident about a year ago. In her book "50 States of Consciousness", she detailed her journey through all 50 states and 169 consecutive days on the road.

"I started riding then because I only felt free when I was in the saddle," Momma D said. "Now I’m free in and out of the saddle."

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime of sadness, Momma D now feels true happiness "living my life the best way I possibly can."