Mountainair family targeted in suspected anti-Semite hate crime

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MOUNTAINAIR, N.M. – Police are investigating a suspected anti-Semite hate crime that targeted a Jewish man and his family at their home last week.

Tom Bigham said he found a burned cross in his yard last week. According to Bigham, he has been threatened in other ways, including having his tools stolen and his prominently-displayed Star of David vandalized.

"The guy behind me started doing his headlights as I drove down the driveway," Bigham said. "He’d flicker them and flicker them and it wasn’t like he was ‘testing his headlights’, no way."

Bigham is even concerned with taking the one-hour, 15-minute drive to synogogue in Albuquerque.

"It would absolutely be dangerous," Bigham stated. "I don’t feel safe, ever. Ever."

The FBI is working with local authorities to investigate the case. Mountainair Police did not respond to KOB 4’s calls about the case.