Navajo Department of Health confirms first 2021 Hantavirus case in McKinley County

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Navajo Department of Health has issued a health advisory regarding the Hantavirus after the first case of this year was confirmed in McKinley County, within the Navajo Nation.

The health advisory stated that “it is not known at this time where the individual contracted Hantavirus. HPS on the Navajo Nation can occur in all months of the year, but the greatest number of cases have been documented in the spring and summer months. There is evidence that periods of high rain and snowfall are associated with increased cases of HPS.”

Symptoms can be similar to COVID-19 or the flu, and only a medical exam and laboratory tests can determine the difference.

“During spring and summer, we urge Navajo citizens to continue practicing preventative measures to avoid any exposure to many illnesses and diseases," Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said. "Individuals are usually exposed to Hantavirus around their homes, sheds, and poorly ventilated areas with mouse droppings. To avoid any outbreaks, consider preventative actions to stop the spread, such as cleaning around the home."

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