NE Heights homeowner finds little treasures during kitchen remodel

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – William Hawley’s home in the Northeast Heights was built in 1959, but he has only lived there for seven years.

Hawley recently decided to remodel his kitchen and, in the process, he discovered a pile of papers underneath his bar – some dating back several decades.

"They all just fell through the cracks throughout the years," he said.

The pile included old coupons from Furrs, a grocery store that closed more than 20 years ago.

"I also found some post cards, probably from a previous homeowner,” Hawley said.

He also unearthed a very vibrant art project, featuring a hot air balloon.

"It’s pretty cute," he remarked. "It looks like a kid did it, and it says, ‘Derek 9,’ so how old is Derek now I’m wondering?"

The jackpot, as Hawley calls it, is an old ticket, perfectly preserved for the last 61 years.

"It was from the New Mexico State Fair in 1960," he said.

Hawley told KOB 4 these items represent families who shared the house, long before he made it his own.

"My own family members have been in and out of here,” he said. “My son pretty much lived here since he was 12. He’s off on his own now in Milwaukee teaching music."

As Hawley continues to renovate his home, he plans to give a new purpose to some of the treasures he found.

"It’s part of the history of the house, so we’ll probably just incorporate it into the house, probably in the kitchen since it was found in the kitchen," he said.

Until then, Hawley said he has a lot more gutting to do during the remodel.

"Who knows what else I may find?” he said. “Maybe some historical documents, some gold maybe, we’ll see."