New food truck venue in Farmington provides a healthy environment for people on the road to recovery

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FARMINGTON, N.M. – As the days get longer, and the temperatures get hotter, many people go out to socialize. But for people struggling with addiction, that can be a challenge because of certain social groups and the pressure that can go along with that.

However, a new place in Farmington called “Locke Street Eats” is aiming to provide a safe environment for people on the road to recovery.

The co-founder of Cottonwood Clinical Services, William DuTremaine helps people overcome addiction. He has a mental health clinic and a gym to help get them on the right path, but something was still missing.

“When you’re in the addiction and you have a certain group of friends and you’re trying to change your path, you don’t know how to get back into society, and there isn’t a lot out there to help you make friends and interact with people,” DuTremaine said.

So he came up with another idea.

“I came outside and I was like what am I going to do with that land, you know and it hit me right in the head, food trucks, and I said well what the hell do I know about food trucks? So, I was instructed just to build it, my field of dreams,” DuTremaine said.

A field full of food, music, and local art, DuTremaine says it’s a place where people can connect.

“So this is another step to make friends that are on the same journey, and have a good time and show you that you don’t have to be wasted to have fun, it’s actually more fun when you’re sober,” said DuTremaine.

And it isn’t just a place for people who are struggling with addiction, it’s also an opportunity for the whole community to get together.

“It’s like you can’t go to your friend’s house because you have your kids with you and they will tear up the house, it’s that place where they can come up here and have a good time… and you can see where people were all sitting at the tables and the kids were just running amuck all over the place, it was exactly what I was trying to build, no one was on their phones, it was beautiful that night,” DuTremaine said.

DuTremaine says the possibilities of Locke Street are endless, and he hopes to bring different types of entertainment and visitors to Farmington.