New Mexico State Fair first to utilize new ionization technology

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The New Mexico State Fair is less than a month away and after having a year off – crews are hard at work.

Expo New Mexico said they have always had a high cleaning standards, especially when working with both animals and food.

“The fair has always been safe, a lot of the stuff people are doing now are things we have been doing prior to the pandemic,” said Dan Mourning, general manager of Expo New Mexico.

The fair has always had hand sanitizer available and strict bathroom cleaning schedules.

“What we have done was able to enhance those protocols, enhance that ability to disinfect and keep people safe, and we have done it with the tech that is out there,” said Mourning.

This year, the state fair will the first state to use new technology to clean the air and keep the barns cool.

“There are four of these fans that use ionization technology, so in other words the viruses are knocked down through this ionization process and this is monitored out of Louisville, the company monitors our barn, 24/7,365 to ensure the right amount of ionization is there,” Mourning said.

While these ions kill viruses – they are perfectly safe for both animals and humans.

“Necessity is the mother of invention and we love that people have taken their products and taken them to a new level, and we are glad to showcase that not just that this technology exists but use it to protect the people who come to the New Mexico State Fair,” said Mourning.

Another way the state fair is keeping people safe is offering vaccine clinics right on the fairgrounds.

“If you come and get a vaccine at the fair, we will give you a free ticket to come back to the fair," Mourning said.