New Mexico State Fair kicks off at Expo New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE – After a year of restrictions and closures in New Mexico, including the cancellation of the State Fair, the annual state get-together is back.

The NM State Fair begins September 9 at 10 a.m. and ends September 19 at 9 p.m. The State Fair will feature many of the same events as before, including rides, food vendors, performers and areas to see and pet animals, among other attractions.

Ticket deals are available for the State Fair and admission on opening day is only $2. Although the livestock exhibit is canceled for this year, there will be other animal exhibits, including a petting exhibit and therapy dogs at the fair.

Another attraction is GASCAR, or the Great American Speedway Crazy Animal Races. The title, a pun on NASCAR, refers to the goat NASCAR races its owner, Great American Entertainment Co., brings to fairs across the country.

If you plan on attending, remember to present proof of vaccination or exemption from vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test. There will also be other precautionary COVID-19 measures in place for the fair, including extra hand-washing stations.

For more information on the New Mexico State Fair, visit the fair’s website.