Officials expect big turnout for Halloween, share safety tips

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Halloween is only six days away and Albuquerque police are expecting a lot of families out in neighborhoods and a lot of adults out at the bars.

"This year, we’re definitely expecting a little bit of an increase, you know last year we have COVID that we were dealing with, a lot of people didn’t go out trick or treating, so we’re definitely anticipating a lot more people out, a lot more families walking around with the kids,” Rebecca Atkins, spokesperson for the Albuquerque Police Department.

City and state leaders are reminding folks about the real-life dangers lurking on Halloween, especially the ones on the road.

"It’s pedestrians and it’s drivers. There is a responsibility on both sides,” said Marisa Maez spokesperson of the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

One recent study found children are three times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. NMDOT said there were zero incidents last year, and they’re hoping to keep that up this year.

That’s why they want everyone to take a look at these tips: Parents – make sure children’s costumes are extra visible with flashlights, glow sticks or even reflective tape. Make sure they stick to the sidewalk and try to only cross streets at crosswalks.

"I know that’s difficult when you’re in neighborhoods, there aren’t always crosswalks, but that’s why parents are there. You know, kids have a very difficult time judging distance and speed, and they’re small, so it’s hard for drivers to see them,” said Maez.

As for those drivers – be prepared to stop at any moment, put your phone down and watch your speed driving through neighborhoods and the big roads. Above all, do not drink and drive.

"Be extra vigilant, be aware. Pedestrians and drivers need to pay attention to that there may be people on the road who unfortunately have been drinking and that will affect their judgment,” Maez said.