One-of-a-kind ghost bike to be displayed across New Mexico

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization (NMMRO) created the first motorcycle ghost bike, a symbol of awareness, remembrance and hope.

According to NMMRO, there have been more than 130 crashes around the state just this year, totaling 20 deaths.

“Four of the words that we deal with every day ‘I didn’t see him’ that is the most difficult thing,” said Frank ‘Classic’ Montano, spokesperson for NMMRO.

A decommissioned motorcycle is meant to memorialize those who were killed or injured in a crash.

“So that people understand, help spread awareness, to understand someone died here. Someone lost a limb here, somebody’s life has changed drastically because someone didn’t pay attention, someone didn’t look,” said Montano.

The organization is looking for more decommissioned or junk bikes.

“The day we stop talking about them or the day we stop mentioning them by name is when we lose them. So our goal in the NMMRO is to never forget them,” said Montano.

If you have a bike to donate, click here.