Pay it 4ward: Nonprofit volunteer earns $400 for yearslong dedication

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Many more New Mexicans have relied on food pantries since the pandemic, but nonprofits also need more help in the meantime.

At the Storehouse New Mexico, one volunteer has done just that, in fact she’s shown up for years to help feed New Mexicans.

To give you an idea of just how often Juanita Higareda is at the Storehouse, just look at the store schedule. Every week for the last seven years, she’s shown up to volunteer.

“She’s super dedicated to the Storehouse and our mission of feeding those in need in our community,” said Kevin Cochran Storehouse New Mexico operations manager.

So dedicated, she was still volunteering even with two broken ankles.

“She is really passionate about getting people with who they need,” said Cochran.

And over the last two years, this nonprofit has needed that help.

“We saw a lot of new clients who had never been in the Storehouse before. With the pandemic,” Cochran said.

Each year they feed 40,000 New Mexicans, giving away a cart full of food. We’re talking 1.7 million meals.

“The Storehouse is one of the largest food pantries in New Mexico,” said Cochran.

And Higareda knows this place in and out.

“She cares about us. She cooks for us. She does, she knows how to do everything around the Storehouse,” said Cochran.

So on a cold, gloomy day, KOB 4 helped Pay It 4ward.

Watch the video above to see Higareda’s reaction.