Pay it 4ward: Support group recognizes volunteer who helps mend broken hearts

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – There is a record number of mothers in Albuquerque carrying around the pain of the loss of their child, every day. One of those mothers is channeling that pain into helping other families with the same burden.

It’s a labor of love for Angel Carrion. She works a full time job, but continues working for other families in her free time.

"This helps me just bring people memories that I know that that’s all you have," said Carrion.

T-shirts, pillows, lockets, dog tags, you name it– she makes it for grieving families. Including a custom blanket full of photos– always free of charge.

"This makes me OK, you know, makes me deal with it," Carrion said.

She’s talking about the loss of her daughter. A drunk driver hit and killed 22-year-old Angelique in 2016.

"I think that’s why she gives back– because she feels our pain, she knows our pain," said Josette Otero.

The pain of mothers like Josette and Alicia Otero, Sally Sanchez, and Danielle Saavedra. They all lost their sons to gun violence, and they all have tangible memories of them– thanks to Angel.

"We always want to honor our children, we don’t want anyone to forget them, and so she makes it happen," said Alicia Otero.

That why they chose to Pay It 4ward for Angel.

“You do so much for us and we appreciate you more than you know. Nobody understands, nobody understands the pain like you do," said Josette.

Many thanks between a group with an unbreakable bond.

"What happens to you, you think you’re by yourself but then when I met all of them, and heard their stories I’m like, ‘that’s me, that’s my story. I live that every day, every pain that I hear them say is me,’" said Angel.