Personal trainer Michael Doran on the importance of keeping kids active during the summer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Michael Doran, who has worked with athletes of all levels and ages in New Mexico, believes it’s important for children to stay active during the summer.

"Children who continue to stay active during the summer months have an increased chance of making exercise and movement part of their daily routine, thus positively impacting long-term health," said Doran, a strength and conditioning coach at Elevate: Performance, Health, Wellness. "Maintaining these habits are crucial as we age. At the micro-level, maintaining consistent activity will also dramatically speed up their learning curve, both physically and mentally."

The Centers for Disease Control recommends children, ages 6 through 17 years, should engage in at least one hour of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity each day.

"I highly recommend getting children involved in team sports or various summer camps that will keep them active, as well as engaged," Doran said. "This will not only impact unconscious, routine behaviors, but will also help kids develop social skills that will continue to benefit them throughout their life cycle."

The City of Albuquerque announced its offering additional spots for some of its youth summer programs.

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