Residents without gas following apartment complex fire

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Residents at an Albuquerque apartment complex are without heat and hot water after a fire earlier this week. Now, they want management to fix the problem.

Many of the residents still have to find another place to sleep Saturday night after the fire broke out at the Villas Del Sol Apartments on Montgomery near Carlisle. Those living there did not want to show their faces on camera but spoke out about what they are currently going through.

Thursday’s fire at the Villas Del Sol Apartments on Montgomery still weighs heavy on the minds of those living here.

"I was sitting in my living room. I started hearing screams for help. I kept hearing ‘help help,’ it was just really scary."

It was one of the 20 units in building nine that caught fire. Five apartments are unlivable because of the damage but because of the fire. Residents told KOB 4 management had to shut down the gas to the entire building, meaning no gas for heat, hot showers or for cooking.

"There is no gas, so it is extremely cold at night.They are staying in their apartment that is smoke filled with no heat, no hot water, trying to live every day."

KOB 4 was told management did offer another apartment for the family who lived in the one where the fire started, but there was another obstacle.

"The occupants of that apartment we’re put in an unfurnished apartment with nothing, no blankets, not anything to sleep for that night."

The residents are upset this is happening to so many and with so much damage, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

"A whole family lost their whole lives in that apartment, and it’s not right. I just hope that it gets resolved. We are human beings and that’s how we should be treated."

As for the cause of this fire, Albuquerque Fire Rescue told KOB 4 it was an electrical fire. Which may be a issue here according to one resident.

"I have a few outlets in my apartment that have caught fire."

KOB 4 did speak with someone at the front desk of the complex, who said they are offering to pay for hotels that those impacted residents can stay at. However, many residents said they would rather stay where they are and have the gas turned back on, so they don’t want to leave their items behind.