Squatters take over Albuquerque home for weeks while owner is away

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — While a homeowner was away for work, squatters took over his home and left it destroyed.

The homeowner’s parents asked to remain anonymous, but said their son came home to a house filled with clothes, trash, cigarette butts, burnt spoons and heroin needles. Whoever was in the house took everything of value – TVs, work tools, a stereo and even the catalytic converter of the truck parked in the backyard.

The homeowner noticed something was wrong when he couldn’t access his security cameras from his phone. The squatters tore the security system out from the wall and actually cut the wires to disable it.

The homeowner’s mother went to check out the house after the security cameras were disabled.

"I drove in through the back driveway and there was an individual there, with the door open, with the lock broken, and I asked what he was doing that and he said, ‘I live here,’" she said.

Inside her son’s kitchen, the squatter was cooking food on the stove. She told him she was calling police.

"He told me, ‘go ahead and call the cops, I’m going to finish eating."

The suspect was taken into custody, but before he left, he gave a warning – saying he’ll be back.

The homeowner’s mom said her son has given up, and asked her to not go back to the house, fearing for her safety.

The homeowner is planning on selling the house and starting over.

As for the man who was arrested at the home, he was identified as Levi Monje. According to police reports KOB 4 obtained, when he was arrested the first time, he told officers he was God and sensed witchcraft happening at the house. Then, just about two weeks later, he was back at the home and arrested again – all while wearing the homeowner’s clothes.

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