Study finds third of un-vaxxed New Mexicans don’t want doses

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The University of New Mexico has helped lead a national study of hesitancy surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.

The school announced Wednesday researchers with the UNM Center for Social Policy joined a coalition of groups to conduct the American COVID-19 Vaccine Poll.

The poll encompassed 13,000 people from across various racial and ethnic communities.

Among them were more than 2,000 New Mexico residents from underserved Latino, Native American, African immigrant and Black communities.

According to the survey, roughly a third of New Mexico residents who haven’t been vaccinated don’t intend to do so.

Furthermore, 15% of New Mexicans who got a first shot don’t plan on getting the second one.

To see the New Mexico-specific data, click here. To explore the national data, click here.