Universities around the world participate in ‘Global Scaling Challenge’ to help NM businesses

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Universities from around the world are competing to help New Mexico businesses grow.

They’re taking part in a three-day challenge hosted by Anderson School of Management at UNM and organizers say the "Global Scaling Challenge" is a win for everyone.

“This is designed to help New Mexico, help our students help firms in New Mexico. It’s a win, win, win, win,” said Prof. Steven Walsh New Mexico Economic Development Endowed chair.

The “Global Scaling Challenge” kicks off Thursday. 25 teams from universities around the world are all competing, their mission is to help three New Mexico-based businesses overcome challenges — in order to grow.

“The more the companies are able to grow, they create jobs, which creates opportunities for our students as well,” said Mitzi Montoya dean of Anderson School of Management.

This is the second year of the competition, last year was focused on biotech companies — including Albuquerque-based "Build With Robots."

“They got, kind of, inquiries all over the world, you can say the majority of exposure came through this competition,” said Prof. Raj Manto department chair of Finance and Innovation.

All three companies this year are tech firms, in the growing commercial space industry.

“One of our other challenges is anonymity. We’ve been in stealth mode for a couple of years now. Nobody knows who we are. I was so excited the day Steve called me up, and said ‘Hey, you’re going to be one of the three companies for 2022,’" said Dr. Bill Goodman CEO of Goodman Technologies.

Goodman Technologies makes materials to help protect technology and people in extreme environments like outer space.

Blue Space provides space weather forecasting and weather alerts to satellites and their operators.

Bluecom Systems is focused on using advanced technology to improve communication in space.

“Teams from those universities are going to kind of take a stab at helping these companies go to the next stage,” said Manto.

Each day of the three-day competition is focused on one company, only students who advance through all stages of the competition will present ideas to all three companies.

“It’s a great, we call it experiential learning opportunity, for students. It’s really great for the companies, but it’s also great for the state,” said Montoya.

The winning team will receive $40,000 in awards and recognition, including three paid virtual internships for the students.