Veterans bring history to life at National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — At the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, there are some extraordinary volunteers who are bringing history to life.

Jennifer Hayden, the deputy director and director of communications for the museum, says most of the docents are veterans.

"We share our military experiences, so working here gives me a connection to my past," said Ed Dresner, who is a Navy and Air Force veteran. He has volunteered at the museum for almost 10 years.

There’s also Sam Finch, who has some firsthand knowledge about the B-52 bombers, and Hal Behl, who has been involved with the museum for over 30 years. Behl was also an Army engineer on the Manhattan Project.

Behl said he loves giving tours and telling children what a rocket scientist really does. However, it’s not just kids coming to the museum.

"We get a lot of veterans coming in as visitors so that’s a good way to connect also," Finch said.

Museum visitors are likely to get some stories that aren’t in the history books.

As for Hal, who is 99 years old, "It keeps me on my toes, imagine just being retired, doing nothing – couldn’t do it."