Video: Elephant dances to Christmas carol at ABQ BioPark Zoo

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For a former Albuquerque Public Schools choir teacher, singing is just second nature.

During a recent family visit to the ABQ BioPark Zoo, Theresa Sanderson decided to perform for a different type of audience.

"One of my friends that I came to the zoo with had mentioned that elephants can dance," Sanderson said. "And we were like, I have never heard of that, that elephants can dance. So we were trying to play music on our phone but it wasn’t loud enough. So my other friend was like, well, Theresa knows how to sing, you should just sing to it."

So she did – choosing to sing a classic Christmas carol.

"He was making eye contact with me and he started waving his trunk back and forth and he was almost swaying as I was swaying, and I was holding my daughter at the time, and it was just a really cool experience," Sanderson said.

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