Video shows chaotic chase that left NMSP officer injured

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EDGEWOOD, N.M. — Authorities have released videos showing a police chase that ended with a New Mexico State Police supervisor shot in the neck. It was a chaotic situation that started at an Edgewood gas station and ended on the Sedillo Hill overpass.

Dash camera video shows Lt. Jeremy Vaughn pull into the Mr. Gas station in Edgewood. Police said he was just fueling up, but a gas station employee approaches him.

Employee: "She stayed in the bathroom for a long time, and I went to look in the bathroom and I found a piece of tinfoil all burnt up. I’m pretty sure she was smoking something in there."

Vaughn: "OK, and she’s in the Cadillac?"

The video shows Vaughn box in the Cadillac with his car and then knock on the window. Caleb Elledge, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the Cadillac, throws the car into reverse and rams Vaughn’s car before taking off.

What follows is a chase down Route 66 that ends minutes later with a PIT maneuver on the Sedillo Hill overpass.

As soon as Vaughn steps out of his car, shots are fired. A massive manhunt followed – but through it all, Vaughn remained calm. He even walks the first people on the scene through first aid, as paramedics arrive.

"Feels like it hit my scapula in the back and that hurts," Vaughn said.

He would later be released from the hospital the next day – the same day that Elledge and his girlfriend, Alanna Martinez, were arrested at a home in Macintosh, New Mexico.

Martinez is charged with harboring and aiding a felon. Elledge is charged with assault on a peace officer, tampering with evidence and possession of a firearm by a felon. A judge ordered him held in jail until his trial.