Wife of Lobo football coach reflects on 2020 season of separation in Las Vegas

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — 43 days – that’s how long Danny and Sandra Gonzales were apart last season when the Lobos moved out of New Mexico to live, practice and play home games in Las Vegas.

"Once we saw the writing on the wall that he wasn’t coming back, it was really hard for the girls," Sandra said. "I know Abby would ask every day, ‘Where is daddy? Is daddy coming home?’"

43 days apart is a tough task for any couple – especially the Gonzales’, who do everything together.

Plus, Sandra genuinely loves to be around the team. She never misses games or practice.

"The worst part was the losing and not being able to physically hug him, that was hard," Sandra said. "Then he does everything, I mean everything, for those girls every morning. He wakes up and makes their lunch, puts a note in their lunchbox, I mean, I get out of bed and everything’s done. A good team effort. He is amazing."

After that experience, both Sandra and Danny make every day count – spending every moment together with their children.

Their daughters Abby and Chloe have especially had fun this summer golfing with mom and dad at courses around Albuquerque.