Zozobra to require vaccination proof or negative COVID-19 test

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Zozobra is just one week away. This year they will be limiting ticket sales and requiring vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test.

After a virtual event last year – Ray Sandoval, event chair of Zozobra, said this year they will welcome guests back to Fort Marcy Park.

“By late June, we actually thought we would be back to a normal burn. COVID rates were down, the vaccine was working, people were getting the vaccine and it was full steam ahead,” Sandoval said.

Space is limited around 14,000 people compared to the normal 60,000. Organizers were even planning to burn masks – but that’s also changed.

“No, we will not be burning masks. We think it’s a good idea for folks to wear masks now. We will wait until we have this thing lit and then I promise you we will have the biggest Zozobra bonfire of masks you can possibly imagine,” Sandoval said.

Zozobra is also a fundraising for the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe. Every year they hope to raise thousands for children in Santa Fe, but this year they are starting at zero.

“So we’re really asking the public if you decide to watch Zozobra for free or just go on our website. There’s a ticket that says ‘I’m not coming but I want to pitch in for 15 bucks.’ You can make a donation in any amount, you can purchase a gloom for a dollar – we’re going to print it out, put it in Zozobra to burn for you,’” said Sandoval.