Love 4 Pets: March 26, 2024

It’s Tuesday! So of course, we have to show off two pets who want to make your home their home to show our Love 4 Pets!

First, we have Chel, a 2-year-old American pit bull terrier mix. She has been patiently waiting at the shelter since January. She’s sweet and loves human companionship.

You can find Chel at the Eastside Animal Shelter (details).

Then we have Dotty, a 5-year-old American pit bull terrier mix. She is always excited to see people and will greet you with a wagging tail. If you have a big backyard, Dotty will love you! She loves to explore the yard.

Dotty is at Lucky Paws in Coronado Center (details) but may soon be at the Eastside Animal Shelter.

We want to see your pets! Click here to submit your “Love 4 Pets” pictures.