Love 4 Pets: July 13

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s not just canines and felines, it’s a wide array of all of your pets who we are sharing to show our Love 4 Pets.

First, we have Sitka, a beautiful husky with even more beautiful blue eyes. He loves car rides with his owner.

Next is Hashbrown – but he looks more like Skittles! This mini-poodle has some flair.

Meet Oliver. He also goes by the name, Mr. Noodles, and likes to play at the park with his buddies, Jax, Ace and Kita.

Now to our reptile friend, Falcor, the bearded dragon. 80s and 90s kids, you might recognize the name. He’s named after the dragon from A Never Ending Story.

Finally, it’s Two Socks! She’s sweet but you better stay away from her favorite toy.

We want to see your pets. Click here to submit your “Love 4 Pets” pictures!