Love 4 Pets: July 20

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s Thursday! That means we are showing off some of your best friends whose pictures you sent in for us to show our Love 4 Pets.

First is Daisy. She’s a little girl who is always ready for a car ride. Daisy also has her shades ready to go and is always ready to call shotgun.

And, shhhh, don’t wake Zoie. She looks so peaceful and loves her afternoon naps.

And, uh, thank ya, thank ya very much for this next one: Elvis! His owner caught him relaxing after a long day.

Now, to our ferret friends, we have Ashes, Ember and Smokey. These inseparable buds are all four years old.

Finally, you don’t need to get your eyes checked, you’re not seeing double. These two look-alikes are Jynxie and Gigi.

We want to see your pets. Click here to submit your “Love 4 Pets” pictures!