2 brothers connected to multiple shootings across Albuquerque

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Police are looking into how two brothers are connected to multiple shootings across Albuquerque. 

25-year-old Adin Kellner and 20-year-old Riley Kellner were arrested earlier this year after shooting at an ex-girlfriend’s car.

Soon after, police confiscated multiple legally purchased guns from the older brother’s house, and were able to connect serial numbers and shell casings to other investigations. 

Police have put together an extensive list of crimes that were committed using guns owned by Adin.

In 2020, Adin was cited for reckless use of a firearm when he shot his CPX 2 handgun into the air outside a house party. But in many cases, he wasn’t the shooter. 

In 2021, a 17-year-old carrying Adin’s scorpion AR pistol was arrested for selling fentanyl to an undercover cop. 

Then in the beginning of 2022, a Glock 45– owned by Adin– was used to shoot into a house party. That left a 13-year-old with a bullet in the hip. 

But the shooting that landed the Kellner brothers in handcuffs was in January 2023, when Adin’s ex-girlfriend reported her car was shot multiple times outside her apartment. She told police after hearing gunshots she saw Adin’s silver Jeep leaving the parking lot. 

When Adin was arrested, he told police he and his brother decided to shoot at his ex’s car after they saw her talking trash about his family on Instagram. 

Adin said he was driving, and his brother Riley was the one to pull the trigger. 

The younger brother, Riley, is being held behind bars until trial because he has a more extensive criminal record. A judge released Adin on an ankle monitor because they say his criminal history was nonviolent.