ABQ BioPark provides update on renovations

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The ABQ BioPark is halfway through their 15-year plan to grow the park. 

A spokesperson told KOB 4 these renovations are not only going to bring new experiences to visitors, but also increase the quality of life for the animals. 

“Asia which will open up in October, it’s going to have new homes for our steller’s sea eagles, malayan tiger, snow leopards, and orangutans, siamangs,” said Brandon Gibson, Albuquerque deputy director for the Department of Arts and Culture. 

It will also have new interactive areas where people can learn about these endangered species and conservation efforts. 

“They can move like an orangutan or siamangs coming through our brachiation challenge, they will learn about stellar sea eagles, they will learn how snow leopards camouflage, it is going to be very immersive,” said Gibson.

But the plan isn’t just to benefit visitors, it’s also to give the animals more space and a better quality of life. 

“The orangutans are going to be elevated, they are going to be able to brachiate and swing. The steller’s sea eagles are going to be able to fly and glide, and they are going to have so many new areas and habitats to explore, develop, and feel enriched through,” said Gibson.  

Giving zookeepers new opportunities to train them in different ways. The ABQ BioPark is allocating more than $31 million for the Asia exhibit. They are also spending $12 million on Australia Phase 1 and around $13 million on the Heritage Farm renovation.

“We’ve heard over the past few years just how amazing the penguin chill exhibit is and how thrilled people are to show it off when they have people come to Albuquerque to visit, and I think they are going to have that same impression of Asia, Australia and the Heritage Farm,” said Allyson Zahm, an ABQ BioPark Guest Experience manager. 

They also updated their HVAC system, bathrooms, and roofing in some ares to make sure the park is up-to-date for visitors. 

The Asia exhibit is set to open this fall while the other exhibits under construction are set to open in 2024.