ACS and UNMH hold pop-up clinic for homeless people

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many people live on the streets of Albuquerque, leaving them susceptible to the elements and illnesses.

Worse yet, medical care can often be hard to come by for them.

That is why Albuquerque Community Safety and UNM Hospital teamed up with local organizations to host a pop-up clinic.

Medical staff with UNMH and ACS staff set up shop in an area near Central and San Pedro. It’s a first for this partnership.

“We believe if we come out to the people and serve the people where they are in their neighborhoods, in their communities, we have an opportunity to get them better health and get them connected with services,” said Lindsay Fox, a physician assistant at UNM.

It wasn’t just medical services, either. ACS provided people with transitional housing assessments, transportation services and employment referrals.

“We want to change the narrative and we want to really show up for folks and give them hope,” said Jodie Jepson, a homeless liaison administrator with ACS.

Pets weren’t forgotten, either. Food, and even medical care, were provided for them, thanks to the nonprofit New Mexico Vets for Pets.

“Their pets also have needs, as well. So, our goal is to help them meet those needs as well,” said Finnie Coleman, the director of New Mexico Vets for Pets.

This is only just the start. The partnership plans to have more pop-up clinics in other areas with high calls for service. They eventually want to bring in more partners to offer more services so people can get the treatments they need, especially if they’re so sick that they need to go to the hospital.