Albuquerque designs adorn light-rail trains in Denver

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Now through January, five light-rail trains in Denver are adorning New Mexico artists’ designs expressing what makes Albuquerque unique.

“Albuquerque is recognized as one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the country. In this initiative, we’re really underlining that for these trains in Denver and really highlighting the Albuquerque experience,” said Tania Armenta, the CEO of Visit Albuquerque.

This is all a part of Visit Albuquerque’s new “Authentically Albuquerque” initiative. Artists from New Mexico created the designs on the trains, which are eye-catching and significant to Albuquerque.

“The designs you see on the trains highlight our Native American culture, our Hispanic culture and our unique architecture,” Armenta said.

They want people to visit Albuquerque – not just for big events like Balloon Fiesta but year-round.

With just under 3 million people in its metro, Denver is a great place to garner that interest.

“Denver has historically, for years, been one of the top five markets for Albuquerque. It has to do a lot with the ease of getting here. It’s just a short flight away or a drive away,” Armenta said.

Inside the trains, riders can scan a QR code that will take them to the Visit Albuquerque website. There, they can learn more about each artist, their design and why Albuquerque is a place they should visit.