Albuquerque dispensary loses license over reported violations

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department revoked an Albuquerque dispensary’s license over several reported violations.

NMRLD ordered the retailer, Paradise Distro, to stop public sales immediately after they sent a final decision and order Wednesday.

The department says Cannabis Control Division officers inspected the retailer and found several violations.

The violations were possessing, receiving and selling cannabis products marked with California stampings, displaying improperly documented products, and inaccurately reporting sales data.

Regulators allege the retailer’s system reported more than $56,000 in cash and $8,338 in additional funds not found in the state’s track and trace system.

Paradise Distro representatives are also accused of not attending an April 27 evidentiary hearing. The officer in the case reportedly found enough evidence to recommend revoking their license.

NMRLD says this is the first time they have revoked the license of a cannabis business.

Read the full final decision and order here: