Albuquerque girl perseveres in brave health battle

Girl perseveres in battle with brain tumor

A New Mexico girl has made it farther than she ever thought in her fight with a cancerous brain tumor.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Last year, we told you about a New Mexico girl fighting a tough battle with cancer and the odds she faced.

Nearly two years later, at age 13, she has a lot to celebrate.

“I’m happy that she’s here another year because last year was kind of scary,” said Regina, Azmarel’s mom.

Azmarel endured surgeries, treatments and physical therapy in Colorado and Arizona.

In 2022, doctors diagnosed her with a rare brain tumor. She is the oldest kid on record to be diagnosed with it so far.

Because of its rarity, the odds of survival are low but her family’s faith is not.

“We walk by faith, not by sight. So that’s all I can say, we have a lot of faith in our God. And she’s showing you she’s here,” her mom said.

Azmarel and her family are back in New Mexico, finally, after months away.

“She’s already improving. And her motor skills, her physical movements are getting much better at that I’ve noticed, you know, she’s getting stronger. And I’m like, okay, good. She doesn’t really use her wheelchair as much either,” her mom said.

Azmarel even rang the bell at UNM Hospital, marking the end of her treatments.

Her fight is far from over. There are still plenty of physical therapy and doctor visits left.

“But you can’t give up hope,” Azmarel says.

Azmarel celebrated her 13th birthday this Tuesday. Her family says they’re grateful she made it to another birthday.

The family has a GoFundMe set up to raise money and provide updates.