Albuquerque gym brings AI-exercise machines to New Mexico

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – As artificial intelligence technology is seemingly popping up everywhere, it may now include during your workout routine.

Trainers at “The Exercise Coach” say their robotic equipment uses AI to make every exercise as efficient as possible.

Each session is only supposed to last 20 minutes, but that’s more than enough time to make some serious gains.

“Once you get the opportunity to experience it, you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, I get it now, I get why 20 minutes can work,” said Beverlee McClure Shaw. 

McClure Shaw is the owner of “The Exercise Coach” in northeast Albuquerque – the first artificial intelligence gym in the state.

“What we know is that resistance training, strength training is the number one biomarker for longevity, as well as living longer and living healthier. But to do that people want to feel safe, and they want to have an efficient workout,” said McClure Shaw. 

That’s where Exerbotics machines come in. Along with trainers, the machines automatically track your performance in real time, and adjust the weights, and resistance to maximize your progress. 

The machines also prevents potential injuries.

“If it senses that you are over exerting, it will stop. So it just will not let you do that, and whereas a human, I might not notice that,” McClure Shaw said.

A perfect feature for folks who may not feel comfortable working out at a traditional gym.

“We have clients with appointments that haven’t been in a gym in years, and just really want to get back with it, and we give you that accountability, and that safe place to do it,” said McClure Shaw. 

McClure Shaw says anyone can benefit from an AI workout, but older adults typically have the most to gain.

“They’ve helped people just to accomplish their goals, whether it’s to be able to keep up with the grandchildren, walk your daughter down the aisle, better golf game or, ‘Hey, I just want to lose some weight and feel stronger,’” McClure Shaw. 

She admits the AI-powered equipment is not ideal for folks who already know their way around a gym and want to really bulk up, but she invites everyone else to come give it a try.

The northeast Albuquerque location only opened last week, but they’re looking to expand with new locations near Taylor Ranch and up in Santa Fe.