Blake’s employee, accused of stabbing, to be released from jail

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A Blake’s Lotaburger employee, facing charges for allegedly stabbing a person near the restaurant Tuesday, will be released from jail.

The judge ordered Darrell Drake to enroll in an anger management class. He also can’t consume or possess cannabis or alcohol, leave the state, or possess a firearm.

On Tuesday, employees kicked a man out of the restaurant for reportedly making a mess. Then, the man reportedly came back and threw soda in Drake’s face as he was cleaning up the man’s mess. Drake allegedly told police he ran after the man and “poked” him in the leg twice with his knife.

Witnesses say the man escaped to a nearby gas station, bleeding heavily from his leg. Police responded to the area and found Drake and the victim.

Investigators say security video footage shows Drake hit the man with a broom until it broke. Then, witnesses say he stabbed the man in the leg.

Drake allegedly told police, “I wasn’t trying to do anything but defend myself and get from that situation. He just brought it out of me.”

He faces two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. His trial date is yet TBD.