Video shows student brawl at Rio Rancho HS

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RIO RANCHO, N.M. – Almost a dozen Rio Rancho High School students could be facing charges for a large fight in the school cafeteria last month.

KOB 4 got a hold of video showing the fight and a number of calls to parents from a school resource officer.

The fight happened about two weeks into the new school year.

The city attorney’s office covered most of the video because it involves minors who haven’t been formally charged. 

The district confirms one administrator, one teacher, and six security officers helped break it up.

The video shows a school resource officer explaining what happened to the mom of one of the students involved:

“There’s a girl that throws nachos on a boy. He turns around, punches her. Another girl jumps in, starts punching the boy that was punching the girl, don’t know who these people are yet. That boy has a brother who started punching on the other girl– that’s the one who punched my daughter.”

Days later, that same officer makes at least six calls to other parents to explain the next steps.

“We did do a police report for the incident that took place in the cafeteria a couple of days ago.”

“He potentially could be facing the charge of battery which is the unlawful touching of another person and disorderly conduct for the big melee that took place that interrupted the lunch.”

The school principal also sent a letter to families, saying leadership was “extremely disappointed by the behavior of a small minority” of students.

Some students jumped up and gathered to watch, film, and further provoke the situation.

Leadership also asks for parents’ help in addressing the issue of student safety and respect. They say the only way to stop situations like this is to work together. 

KOB 4 asked for an interview with Rio Rancho Public Schools Tuesday to talk about the student safety and respect piece.

A representative only sent us a statement saying, “During physical altercations like this one it’s best to get as far away from the fight as possible– because staying close causes unnecessary traffic.

Students also should not try to break up any fights themselves – or film it – because that tends to cause more agitation.

Rio Rancho Public Schools has 38 safety and security staff across the district, and eight are assigned to RRHS.

The school also has two school resource officers on campus – who are officers with the Rio Rancho Police Department.

Students involved in fights like this one can face a 10-day suspension, a hearing, and removal from campus– on top of any other charges.

It will be up to the juvenile probation and parole office within CYFD to decide who –  if any of the children – will face charges.