Albuquerque police arrest woman for 2020 murder

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – On Wednesday, Albuquerque police made another arrest in connection to a 2020 murder case in southwest Albuquerque.

Police say Brianna Archuleta recruited a group of people to attack and kill Benjamin Moore after he got out of jail for domestic assault of one of Archuleta’s friends.

So far, police have four suspects: Archuleta, Davion Jaramillo, Ciera Lopez, and Pedro Escalante. 

Three of those suspects are currently in custody and awaiting detention hearings, while Jaramillo is still wanted.

APD says the four suspects stole a car and tracked down Moore at his girlfriend’s apartment, days after he was released from jail for domestic assault.

Police said Archuleta was close friends with Moore’s girlfriend, and Archuleta repeatedly told her she would have Moore “taken care of” for hitting her and cutting her hair with a knife.

Police were able to get multiple text conversations from Archuleta’s phone and Facebook where she organized getting guns, stealing a car and tracking down Moore after he got out of jail.

According to APD, a white car pulled up to the apartment Moore was in and he stepped outside. He got into an argument with the driver and a passenger before he was shot several times and died at the scene. 

That white car was later found less than two miles away – it was lit on fire in an empty lot.

Archuleta and Jaramillo are the only suspects facing a murder charge, among other charges.

Escalante and Lopez face charges for transferring a stolen vehicle, tampering with evidence and arson.