Albuquerque provides water, sunscreen and AC at cooling centers across the city

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Multiple shelters around town are trying to help folks beat the heat as temperatures skyrocket in the metro.

“God’s Warehouse, being that we are a house of love to the neighborhood, we open up, let them come in use the restroom drink some ice-cold water and get a snack,” said Pastor Chuck Aragon. 

God’s Warehouse offers free meals every afternoon. On Monday, the city dropped off more than 300 water bottles and sunscreen for the shelter to pass out to anyone in need.

Aragon says that includes anyone who walks outside.

“I don’t know about you, if you try to take a walk two blocks down the street in this weather, the pavement is at 117. I’m glad God’s Warehouse is here along with all the other ones that are open, and the city brought us a good chunk of water,” said Aragon. 

A few blocks away in the International District, another shelter called the Compassion Service Center is also passing out bottles of water. And some more entertaining ways to beat the heat.

“We have some fun stuff going on here. We have some of these wet towels that they can wear around their neck while they are here to cool down, squirt guns if they want to use squirt guns and have some fun time just cooling down too,” said Joanne Landry with the Compassion Service Center. 

While they are trying to enjoy the hot weather, this heat wave is posing some serious problems for our homeless population.

“They seem very dizzy, disoriented. We make them stop, drink some cold water, then we make them sit down and drink some more. Then, we usher them into the open-air tent, bringing them more hydration and food. Before you know it they are good to go again,” said Landry. 

The city will be bringing more supplies to the cooling shelters throughout the International District and the Wells Park Neighborhood all week long.

City officials also want to remind folks that all 22 community centers across town are free and open to the public. All of them are air-conditioned and many have splash pads for families to play in.