Albuquerque Public Schools considers changes to 2024-25 calendar

Albuquerque Public Schools considers changes to 2024-25 calendar

The school district is now seeking parent input on this proposed calendar.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque Public Schools is now seeking parent input as they consider changes to its 2024-25 calendar.

The calendar involves a lot of moving parts and pieces, between state holidays and changes to state law.

Now, a committee is tasked with gathering that input.

“We’re just trying to be very proactive as a district to get the feedback from our community,” said Dr. Channell Segura, the APS Chief of Schools. “Input from our community regarding what their vision and values are, when it comes to building an instructional calendar. There are so many variables that we have to consider. First and foremost, we have to abide by what’s in state statute. You know, the law. And, you know, after that, and it’s looking at what does our community, you know, prefer on certain aspects?”

You can fill out the online survey and give feedback on things like instructional days. They want to know if you prefer extra days at the start or end of the school year, if you prefer a whole week off for Thanksgiving or a half week.

“We have heard from families that it’s difficult to have so many different days off throughout the calendar due to child care. And so we hear that and we’re trying to do a good calendar as fluid as possible, so that there’s the least amount of disruption to families,” Segura said.

The survey is open for two weeks. Dr. Segura and other higher-up school officials are on the committee.

They’ll review the survey results in mid-December and have a tentative calendar for the school board in January.

Segura says a big challenge is waiting until after the legislative session to finalize anything.

“We’re not going to make everyone happy. And there’s going to have to be compromises. But we’re going to do our best to try to meet the needs of our community while adhering to law,” Segura said.

According to Segura, they’re also asking parents for feedback on a balanced calendar. She says Rio Rancho Public Schools has been considering that change and APS likes to align with them as much as possible.