Albuquerque seeks artists for Sunport Terminal Renovation Project

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – When the City of Albuquerque asked for artists, they answered.

“We were only expecting a handful, so this is wonderful,” said Mayor Tim Keller.

The Historic Old Terminal was packed with creatives waiting to hear about the newest public art callout – artists like Bill Freer and Howard Meehan.

“I love the idea of the inclusiveness from age standpoint, to cultural standpoint, to ethnic standpoint – the whole gambit,” Freer said.

The pair have worked together on public art installations before, like the Gallup Memorial Plaza. Now, they’re some of the hundreds putting their name in for the new Sunport art installations.

“This gives us a chance to sit down and listen to other people and how they’re approaching this whole project,” said Meehan. “I’m from New York, and I’ve been through a lot of airports and Bill has too, but just seeing this place right away this place is unique.”

Sunport officials said they’re looking for a few projects this time, and they’re also looking to fill these dotted lines in what will be the new main food court, where the old TSA is now.

Funding comes from the $87 million total cost of the Sunport renovation.

Manny Manriquez, Sunport Innovation and Commercial Development Manager said the art budget is significantly larger than usual.

“We’re also doing renovations in the concourse upgrading all the furnishings and the infrastructure throughout the facility. We’re reupholstering the classic heritage furniture, and we’re also ensuring we have some modern charge points,” said Manriquez.

The art budget is roughly $3 million or 4%, much more than the traditional 1%.

For information on the Request for Interest and how to apply, click here.