Albuquerque speakeasy mixes old-school style with new business

Albuquerque speakeasy mixes old-school style with new business

The speakeasy mixes old school style with business leaders in the Albuquerque metro – but blink and you might miss it.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Mixing old with new, a speakeasy in downtown Albuquerque doubles as a nonprofit, bringing together the bright minds in business too.

“The idea is to make New Mexico number one for social enterprise and corporate responsibility,” said Dana Koller, the president of UN-17.

The building, fittingly built in the 1920s, has stood the test of time. Koller was committed to revive the historical home, despite the grime.

“We were able to step in refurbish the entire thing from floor to ceiling, and brought it back to life. It’s one of the most beautiful spaces, I believe, in New Mexico right now,” Koller said.

Behind the counter, craft cocktails and spirits spur conversations. A passion for community inspired a partnership with the United Nations.

“The United Nations set the 17 goals of sustainable development back in 2015,” Koller said. “That was an example of how, if you hold those values in plae, then you really create a fair equity for all people.”

Carlos Perea, the CEO of locally-based ag tech company Terra Vera, was one of the first business leaders to join the club. He says, for his employees, UN-17 has become their social hub.

“You get a chance to interact with people who are like minded. You get to collaborate, to share ideas to challenge each other and to do it in a fun environment. It is really nice,” Koller said.

If you’d like to join, remember it’s membership-only. Don’t worry, with 200 members and counting, you won’t be lonely.