Ambulance damages local drive-thru, business owner questions claim process

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It was a regular day at Cesar’s Mexican and Greek restaurant, with the owner, Cesar, in the kitchen. Until he heard a big commotion outside.

He says a Bernalillo County ambulance tried leaving through the drive-thru after a meal last month, but it wasn’t a smooth exit.

Cruz says it damaged power lines and took out two cameras.

He submitted an insurance claim with Bernalillo County, and says an inspector showed up quickly.

“That’s why I didn’t get the video. That’s why I didn’t I didn’t worry. But then, after a few days, then I started getting a little bit worried because I didn’t see any progress,” explained Cruz.

Almost a month later, he got a letter denying his claim. It said, “The investigation determined the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has not responded to any calls for service to your location. Based on this, I respectfully deny your claim.”

“That’s when I thought it was not fair, you know that I get nothing after they did some damage,” said Cruz. He says the damage has affected his business in the past month because the drive-thru is dark at night because the power line is damaged, and the cameras still aren’t fixed.

But Cruz has a new letter as of Thursday, once KOB 4 started asking questions about why the claim was denied.

The new letter from a claims examiner said he “Received the wrong information from Bernalillo County. Therefore, please disregard the denial letter. Please advise me of the total cost invoices or estimates to repair the damages to your business as a result of this incident.”

Cruz is no stranger to issues at his business. This was just one more challenge to face.

“It is so hard, but they’re not going to defeat me. All these challenges, no, I’m here to stay,” he said.