APD: 3 teens arrested for shooting at officer

APD: 3 teens arrested for shooting at officer

19-year-old Josiah Herrera, 19-year-old Jonathan Rosales, and 18-year-old Bodhi Lamariana are facing charges.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – We’re learning more after Albuquerque police say they arrested three teens. They say one of them shot at one of their officers early Saturday morning.

According to the criminal complaint, responding officers say the three teens smelled like alcohol. 

On Saturday, just before 2 a.m., APD Sergeant Albert Simmons says he was on Menaul Boulevard when he heard yelling at a nearby intersection. 

Then, Simmons says he heard shots fired and a black Mercedes driving very fast. He started to follow them down Eubank when he heard more shots fired. 

When Simmons caught up with the Mercedes, that’s when he says a passenger in the car started shooting at him. He swerved to avoid gunfire.

Simmons pulled over the car and found the three teens: 19-year-old Josiah Herrera, 19-year-old Jonathan Rosales and 18-year-old Bodhi Lamariana.

Herrera was driving, Lamariana was the front passenger, and Rosales was in the back. 

By this point, Simmons had already asked for back-up.

APD Officer Andrew Ramkowsky says as one of the passengers got out, he saw a bullet or casing fall out from their clothing.

According to Simmons’ testimony, the person who shot at him was wearing a white T-shirt.

Court documents say Lamariana was wearing a white T-shirt that night. 

APD searched the car later that day. They found three guns, three bullet casings, and ammunition.

Rosales was willing to talk to officers. He says some people came up to them in an “aggressive manner” which caused the three boys to quickly leave in their car.

He also made it seem like shooting from the car was common for Lamariana and Herrera.

Lamariana is charged with shooting from a car and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Herrera and Rosales are charged with conspiracy to commit a shooting from a car.

All three teens are at the Metropolitan Detention Center.