APD: DNA links suspect to multiple shootings, including 2022 murder

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police have arrested 28-year-old Jesus “Satellite” Sanchez and charged him with the murder of a woman at a southeast Albuquerque apartment complex.

Sanchez is accused of killing Shania Spencer in January 2022 during an argument over a stolen gun. Witnesses told police Sanchez shot Spencer inside an apartment at 7900 Bell Avenue SE.

Detectives reportedly learned that Sanchez had also attacked Spencer with an axe a week before the shooting. Sanchez is also a suspect in another shooting, as well as a victim in a third shooting.

Detectives reportedly got a DNA warrant for Sanchez while he was hospitalized, connecting him with the other two shootings.

Police said cell phone data and witness interviews generated additional evidence connecting Sanchez to the murder.

Sanchez was arrested Thursday and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center. He is charged with an open count of murder.